Jul 17 20

Returning home amidst COVID-19

In the recent months we’ve been making some major changes to how we live during this global pandemic. One trend which we are seeing, even here at Kiwi Self Storage, is adult children returning to the nest and living with their parents. This is sometimes known as boomerang children.

There have been a number of reasons. Some have returned from overseas for an indefinite period. Some have returned to help parents who may be vulnerable over this period. And some have unfortunately found themselves facing tough financial times.

We’ve seen this trend first hand as we help store furniture for customers during this transitional period.

As the economic effects of COVID-19 continue to unfold, this number could likely continue to increase.

The longer you’ve been away the more of a shock to the system this may be. A few ways to help

Set a timeline

This may be difficult to do but if possible, you want to have an exit strategy. Sit down together and discuss your plans. Be it finding a new job, or waiting until a vaccine has been found for COVID-19.

Be Grateful

It might be your childhood home, but you are now a guest. Your parents don’t have to let you live at home. They are doing you a large favour, so be appreciative. Tell them you love them.

Set the ground rules

Setting Rules

During the conversation above it is probably a good time to set some rules for both parties. You may even want to write them down. Remember at the end of the day it is still your parent’s home.

Discuss items such as acceptable times to have visitors, when they should expect you home at night, and chores you can help out with while living there.

You should also outline expenses, potential rent, and portion of the grocery bills if you will be sharing meals again.

Set boundaries like having autonomy over your spaces and mutual respect around that. Ask for people to knock before entering these spaces.


Doing Dishes

This should be covered by the ground rules, but be sure you are helping out both financially and around the house as much as possible. If you’re currently unemployed try and find a part time job, and actively be searching for new work. Make sure you’re doing your laundry, cleaning and helping with meals. This should be done without them needing to ask. You’re with your parents, but you are still an adult. Resorting back to your teenage self is not a good look.

Covid-19 concerns

As Covid continues globally there is of course the continued concern that it will re-enter our communities. If this becomes the case the family unit is very important. There’s a high chance that your parents are close to if not the vulnerable older category. If this is the case you can help them stay safe by assisting with shopping/groceries and the likes.

Be courteous to your hosts (Aka your parents)

You’re probably well passed the days of curfews, but it is still polite to let your parents know if you plan to be out late. You don’t want them staying up late and worrying unnecessarily. Yes, parent’s will continue to do this even if you are in your 30’s.

Pick up after yourself and don’t leave a mess in the living areas.

If your parents request something which you would not usually do, and are not prepared to do, be respectful in how you decline. Perhaps discuss a compromise.

Prepare to be judged

Your parents have likely always had their opinions on things, and now there will be no hiding from them. Be patient in your responses to unwanted advice, even when it is trying.

Hang out as a family

Doing Dishes

You probably already get together with your family occasionally for social gatherings, but now is a chance to properly reconnect with your parents. It may seem less appealing than hanging out with your friends, but you won't regret getting to know your folks a little bit better. You’ll probably even end up enjoying it.

Focus on the light at the end of the tunnel

Remember this is not permanent. Stay focused on whatever needs to be done to move back to your own place.