Home Storage

Self Storage is a great option for storing your personal belongings. Whether you are moving house, temporarily de-cluttering, trying to free up some extra space, or need to store something special, we are here to help. Short term or long term, a storage unit can free up a bedroom, your garage or even your entire home. Our self storage units are clean, dry, private, secured with individual alarms, and come in a wide range of sizes to suit your needs.

Here are just some of the top reasons people choose self storage for their personal items:

Reclaiming space in your house

Whether one of your bedrooms is being used as an all purpose storage room, or your wardrobes are simply overflowing, self storage can help you reclaim space around the house. 

Moving house

When moving from one home to another often times the contract dates for moving don't line up. Self storage is an affordable solution to store your household items inbetween times. We recommend hiring a professional mover. They will do all the heavy lifting, so you don't have to worry about the additional packing and unpacking.


Whether all the kids have moved out or you're simply ready for a smaller place, downsizing your home is a great way to get back some of your equity, and not have to worry about big spaces to keep tidy. If you're transitioning to a smaller home, but still want to hold on to some valuable belongings, self storage is an economical solution.

Starting a new hobby

Some hobbies can simply take up more space than your home can handle. Whether it's storing your kayaks, fishing gear, or perhaps your collection of musical instruments. Self storage is a safe, dry and secure option to allow you to continue your hobby.

Extended travel plans

If you are planning to go travelling for a while, you will likely have to decide what to do with the bulk of your belongings. Self storage is a convenient way to look after your possessions while you're away on your adventure. If you're currently renting you won't want to be paying for an empty house just to store your furniture. If you own your home you may want to clear it out to rent while you are away. Your belongings will also be much safer in our secure storage units than in an isolated house. You are also able to allocate access friends or family so that they can pick up anything you might wind up needing while you're away.

Staging your home to sell

Potential buyers will become more attached to your home if they are able to envision themselves in it. This is why top real estate agents usually recommend decluttering your home prior to open homes, to make the spaces look their best. Use one of our storage units to clear your more crowded spaces to create a spacious appealing environment for your potential buyers.


When renovating you really want to have a clear space to work in. Rather than you or your builders having to climb over furniture and potentially damaging it while you upgrade your home, keep it safe in a storage unit. Our flexible contracts will cater to any project, even if it inevitably runs longer than it should. And at the end of the project you will be greatful that you have dust free, undamaged furniture to go back into you brand new space.

Changing relationships

Our lives are always changing, and full of surprises. Sometimes good, and sometimes not so great. Like changes in your relationships. Whether you're in the exciting stage of moving in together, or working through ending your relationship, there will inevitably be a situation where you need to deal with where to store extra belongings during the transition. Temporarily storing your belongings at a storage facility will alleviate some of the stress factors of moving while you decide what goes where.


In reality there are countless reasons why people choose self storage for there personal belongings.

Try our handy space calculator if you know what you will be storing, to get an idea about what size storage unit you might need for your residential storage. Or visit our How Much Space page to view a 3D model showing how much will fit in a unit. If you'd like to find out more about how Kiwi Self Storage can help with your storage requirements, get in touch today.