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Why We Recommend Packing with Acid-Free Tissue Paper

Acid-free tissue is a protective packaging material that not only looks and feels fantastic but more importantly will prevent tarnishing on even your most delicate items - from jewellery and china, to silverware and textiles. Read More

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Planning, packaging and packing

Whether you’re moving house, taking a sabbatical, starting a small business, planning to rent out your spare room on Airbnb, redecorating etc. it’s important to pack your belongings properly. Read More

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Choosing a self storage facility

So you've decided to put some of your items into self storage. Where do you begin? Read More

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Box tips

Here are our tips for successful box packing and storing.  Read More

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Storage FAQs

We thought it would be a good idea for us to share some answers to our most frequently asked questions about storage so here we go! Read More

Short Term Storage

Short term storage

For a lot of our customers, storage is a long-term commitment which helps them free up space in their home, store stock for their business and countless other opportunities but it can also be a really convenient, short-term solution to a number of issues.  Read More