Storage Unit Size Guide

1m X 2m
5.5 m3
Studio/Spare Room
x 2-3
1.5m X 1.5m
6.0 m3
Studio/Spare Room
1.5m X 2m
8.0 m3
Studio/Spare Room
1.5m X 2.5m
11.0 m3
1 Bedroom
1.5m X 3m
12.0 m3
1 Bedroom
2m X 3m
16.0 m3
2 Bedroom
2.5m X 3m
23.0 m3
2 Bedroom
3m X 3m
24.5 m3
3 Bedroom
4.5m X 3m
36.5 m3
3/4 Bedroom
6m X 3m
48.5 m3
4 Bedrooom

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To use our size guide:

Select a unit size above and see what will fit into that space - slide or click to select a size.

Click Repack Unit to see how it was stored

Then click to get a quote on that unit size

Storing household goods? If you already have a list of items to store, try our handy space calculator.

Actual capacity depends on the size of your items. Sizes available vary by location.

Important- When stacking items it may be necessary to add padding, blankets or other material to avoid damage to surfaces. We can supply specialised packaging such as mattress protectors and bags for Manchester and cushions. Soft furnishings or exposed material should be covered or bagged.

Still unsure what size unit you need? Call us on 0800 58 57 56 and let us help. Contact is via email or call in at your local facility. It may pay to call ahead so we know the size unit you are interested in, even if it is just small, medium or large. You can also upsize or downsize on your move in day (depending on size availability). Images are for illustration only.

How Much Space?

Our staff members are trained to help you to choose the size of self storage unit that best suits your needs. We also supply packaging materials to enable you to store your items correctly.

All of our units are at least 2.7 metres high, which is higher than the ceiling in most houses.

You can usually get more into a unit than you would expect, particularly if you are able to stack your belongings or use shelving. We have a number of additional unit sizes available at all of our self storage facilities so we suggest calling your nearest location and speaking to the managers about your self storage requirements. 

Please have some idea of the size you require. If you really cannot decide, click 'Get a Quote' and select:




from the unit size list when completing the form.