Secure Self Storage

We know how important security is when you're choosing somewhere to store your belongings. Security is one of our top priorities too and we've got all bases covered. 


We’ve got CCTV cameras all around our facility with live-stream screens in the main office.

Electric-perimeter fencing

These fences are a powerful anti-intruder measure and we’ve got them at all of our facilities.

Coded gates

When you sign up for self storage, you’ll be asked to choose a 5 digit pin number, which you’ll need to enter each time you visit the facility.  When you drive up to the gate, you need to enter # and then your private pin number followed by *. Only then will the alarm on your unit or units be disarmed and the gate open. There is an entry gate and exit gate and when you enter your code to open the exit gate, it will re-engage the alarms on your unit(s).

Individually-alarmed units

Every unit is alarmed and becomes disarmed when you enter your code at the gate and when you exit the facility, you are required to enter your code again. If you skip this step, when you attempt to unlock your unit, the alarm will be sounded and if this happens out of office hours, you might incur a call-out fee from our security company.

Security systems are only effective if they are 100% reliable. The alarm system is regularly tested. Any faults or other issues found are fixed immediately.

Daily Lock Checks

At Kiwi Self Storage we perform lock checks of all locks, every single day at each storage facility. This is an easy way to ensure that your property is secure and monitor the condition of the storage space.

Drug dog checks

We have inspections by drug dogs at least twice a year at all of our facilities. 

Resident managers/custodians

One of the best things about Kiwi Self Storage is our resident managers or custodians who live on site. Not only are they storage specialists, but they can be quick to respond should an emergency occur or an alarm sound.

If you have any other questions about our security or our facilities in general, do give us a call on 0800 58 57 56

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