Apr 2 2018

Box tips

Here are our tips for successful box packing and storing. 

1) Use good quality boxes (like the ones you can buy from our Box Shop)

2) Fill your boxes to capacity and not more, bulging or partially full boxes may collapse and cause damage to your items. 

3) Mark your boxes clearly on the sides, not the tops so it's easier to see what's inside. 

4) Protect fragile goods with wrapping paper or bubble wrap and mark 'Fragile' on the box in pen or stickers. 

5) Put the heavier items at the bottom of the box, to make it easier to carry. 

6) When storing, stack similar-sized boxes together. This way you can maximise space and store upwards without risk of toppling. 

7) To aid ventilation, avoid stacking boxes or leaning furniture against walls. It's also a good idea to leave some space between stacks to let air flow. 

8) Plan your storage space so that items you're more likely to need during storage are at the front and items that you won't need access to are at the back. 

We hope you find this useful!