Jun 21 2018

Choosing a self storage facility

So you've decided to put some of your items into self storage. Where do you begin?

First things first, location. It makes sense to find a location near your home so that you can pop down and check on your items every so often and add/remove anything you need. 

Once you've located your nearest facilities, (hint: you can find ours here), you can either call or email but what we always recommend to our customers is to actually come down and visit the facility. This way, you'll get a real feel for the place, meet some of the staff and have a chance to check out the way the facility is organised too. For example, some facilities have a covered drive-through area so that you can unload your belongings without them getting wet, we know we've said this before but you must ensure that your items are bone-dry before they go into storage. 

When you're at the facility, have a look at the different unit sizes and try to visualise your items inside. All of our units are at least 2.7m high so don't forget to take the height of the units into account. You can often fit a lot more into the unit than you expect. Our staff will help you work out what size unit you need, they're storage specialists after all. You can also get a better idea with our space calculator.

If you decide to store, wherever you decide to store, it's important to make sure your items are covered. If they're worth storing, they're worth insuring. Our insurance is really reasonable, it can cost as little as a cup of coffee per week, for peace of mind. 

Do you need boxes or any other packaging supplies? If you store with us, you can pick them up from our box shops right there and then! We have a huge range of boxes and materials available at competitive prices. The main thing you need to make sure you've got before you store is a padlock to safely lock up your unit, combination locks are best in case you lose the keys!

The main thing is that you feel comfortable at the facility, you get on well with the staff and you are happy leaving your belongings there for any duration of time. We think you'll be happy storing with us but it's up to you to decide. 

We make storage easy.