Jul 1 22

Decluttering Your Bedroom

Is your bedroom starting to get a bit crowded? Wardrobes overflowing? Storage space at maximum capacity? Let’s try and declutter your bedroom. Bedrooms tend to be spaces that fewer people see on a regular basis. It’s tempting to focus your decluttering efforts on the more “public” spaces of your home, and never get around to tackling your bedroom.
When your room is continuously messy, it generally not because you’re untidy, but more likely you simply have too much stuff collecting. There are even studies that suggest that decluttering your room will help you sleep better and other studies have linked cluttered rooms to depression. So now is the time to simply get it done. Learning not only how to declutter your bedroom, but also how to keep it clutter-free are great ways to work towards simplifying your home and your life!

Decluttered Bedroom

Know what you want in your space

Start with your vision for your bedroom. How do you want it to look, feel and function?
Take a few minutes to get really clear for yourself what your vision for your bedroom is. Then use that vision to guide your decluttering decisions. Only keep the things that support your vision for the room.

Know the purpose of your bedroom

Get clear about the purpose of the room for you. If you want your bedroom to be strictly a sleeping space, make sure your decluttering decisions reflect that. You likely won’t need much furniture aside from the bed, beside tables and perhaps a dresser. If it makes sense for you and your lifestyle to use your bedroom for other purposes as well, go right ahead.

What’s the big picture

Look at the furniture and big items you currently have in your bedroom. Do you love what you have? Are you using each for its intended purpose?
Aim to only keep the pieces that are adding value to your life by being in your bedroom. Each piece should support your vision and the intended purpose of your bedroom. If you need time to consider selling items, or maybe you know you want to keep them for the future, a storage unit is a cost effective way to store items that you don’t need at this point in time.

Keep surfaces clear

After you’ve cleared the surfaces, be very selective about what you choose to put back on the surfaces in your bedroom. Aim to only keep your most essential items out, along with maybe a couple of carefully selected items you love. 

Clear out your drawers, shelves and closet

Decluttered Bedroom

Remove anything that doesn’t belong in your bedroom and put it away where it belongs. Don’t let your bedroom be a dumping ground for random items you don’t know what else to do with.
One of the biggest sources of clutter in many bedrooms is clothes. Clothes can be tricky to declutter for many of us. But do your best to be as ruthless as you can with clothes you don’t wear. If that feels overwhelming, try decluttering one drawer at a time, or spending 15 minutes at a time purging your clothes.

Reset your room daily

Get into the routine of resetting your bedroom every day.
Simply means do a quick tidy to put things away where they belong and deal with any messes or clutter before it has a chance to pile up.
Spend a few minutes clearing the surfaces, putting things away, putting clean and dirty laundry where it belongs, and tidying up regularly. By doing this your bedroom will never get out of control.

When clearing out your bedroom, some items can simply be thrown away. Some may still need to be stored away for seaonal use, or special occassions. Our small self storage units in Auckland or Wellington are and ideal cost effective method to declutter spaces like your bedroom.