Jul 2 2018

Six tips for an efficient home office

There are plenty of benefits to working from home. Maybe the Auckland commute is getting a bit tedious. Perhaps winter weather has you wanting to avoid the outdoors. Whatever your reason,  you want to make sure you're setup to do it right.

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Ensure your space can be separate from home life

If you regularly work from home, but you don’t want to be interrupted throughout the day by distractions around the house. So make sure the space at least has a door to be closed off when necessary. Make there will be enough space that you can have everything you need to get your work done easily at hand. You will need to be able to balance actual workspace and storage requirements.

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Light it up

Most lighting around your home will probably be ambient. When converting a space you want to make sure you have sufficient working light for your office. Poor light will cause strain on your eyes which in turn will break your concentration. Natural light is ideal, so if you are able to place your desk by a window this help boost your mood. Paint your walls a light colour to help reflect the light throughout the room.

Spend some $$$ on furniture

Functionality is key here. You’re potentially sitting at your desk 8+ hours a day. Pick a chair that is comfortable and meant as a proper office chair. Don’t be tempted to go for something aesthetically pleasing. Standing desks have also become popular in most modern offices. Shop around at suppliers such as officemax.co.nz or pbtech.co.nz for one that suits your budget.  Make sure you have sufficient storage for filing and stationery. Shelves and filing cabinets are must haves. Anything that you need to work with regularly should be easy to reach. If you are in an industry which required document archiving, consider hiring a self storage unit to avoid clutter.

Bring the space to life

In traditional workplaces you are limited around how personalized you and make your space. At home you can get inspired. Surround yourself with pictures, and prints. Setup colourful pinboards and get a few plants around. All these little personal touches will boost your general mood and productivity.

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Keep a few distractions close by

You are inevitably going to need a few breaks throughout your day. Keep something close by but out of sight which you can pull out to reward yourself with quick breaks. This could be a good book, or even some light exercise equipment to get the blood flowing.

Use a dedicated phone for your home business

Nothing is going to crush your credibility like a family member answering a business call incorrectly or having a personal family voicemail when you miss a business call. Make sure you have a number dedicated to work. This can even be a mobile, or VoIP.