Jan 11 2018

Short term storage

For a lot of our customers, storage is a long-term commitment which helps them free up space in their home, store stock for their business and countless other opportunities but it can also be a really convenient, short-term solution to a number of issues. 

Selling your house?

If you're selling your home, self storage can be a fantastic way to showcase your home without letting it appear too "lived-in". For example, if you're keen to show how much storage you've got at home, it's easiest to do this when the cupboards aren't chocked full to the brim to demonstrate how much additional space that you could use. Also, the less clutter you have around your house, the more easily people can imagine their items fitting in there. 

Taking a sabbatical or a trip overseas?

Self storage can be a great option for your belongings when you move overseas, if you don't have family nearby (or friends with any spare room at their house!), if your intention is to come back to New Zealand in the near or not-so-near future, you could rent a self storage unit and rest assured that your items are safe. 

Moving offices?

If you're moving your team (or a number of teams) into another office, it can be a bit of a hectic time. You could look into renting a storage unit for document storage, furniture storage, stationery storage or whatever you need rather than immediately filling up your new space with your existing items.  

Starting a business?

With office rental costs seemingly ever on the increase, renting storage units with the option to upgrade to a larger unit or move down to a smaller one, can be a great idea. You can store excess stock, documents, materials and all sorts and have access to the unit(s) from 5am-11pm, seven days a week. Another key thing is that self storage can help you keep your work and home lives separate, with one not causing problems for the other. If you're considering starting an online retail business you might want to check out our other article with a few extra tips, here.

Our rolling contracts mean that it's easy to take short term storage without any big commitments. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements. We make storage easy.