Aug 29 2022

Spring time means spring clean time

Spring is on our doorstep, which for many of us means time for the big spring clean. This can seem like quite a daunting task, but we’re here to help you get through it. Let’s break it down room by room to help keep things organised.

The Kitchen

kiwi self storage kitchen

It seems appropriate to start out what most deem as the heart of the home. This is the time to unpack the drawers and cupboards to give them a good wipe. Use warm, soapy water to eliminate any spillages or spoiled food. If you have drawer liners they may need replacing, and if you don’t they are a worthwhile investment. When loading items back in the pantry, check expiry dates, and throw out anything that has passed its use by date.

Next up attack the big appliances. If you’ve got a self cleaning oven, run it through a cleaning cycle. Alternatively, buy some oven cleaner and get stuck in. Your dishwasher should get a good cleanse too. Run a cycle with a specialty cleansing product.

Empty out the fridge to give it a good wipe down inside. Pull out any removable shelving and give them a wash. Wipe down the remainder of the inside with a warm soapy sponge. Now is a good time to clear out any condiments and sauces that may have expired. While the fridge is empty move it out from its current space and give the area a quick clean before moving it back.

Don’t forget about the space where you microwave is too. Unplug, and move it to give the area a good wipe down. Once back in place a handy trick for cleaning the inside is to squeeze a lemon into .5 cup of water. Microwave for three minutes and then let it stand for five minutes without opening the door. The trapped steam will loosen any grease and grime for an easy wipe down.

Once everything is back in place give all the counters a good wipe. To protect the floors from another year of wear and tear, wax or apply a sealer.

The Living Room

kiwi self storage living room

Clutter from around the house often makes its way to the living room. Start by organising all of the items which have landed in this space into appropriate piles. A smart idea is to get hold of some boxes to keep everything under control. You may even want to setup some boxes for items you want to get rid of, or place in self storage to create more space around the house.

Once you have decluttered you can tackle the cleaning. If you have a fabric couch you may take this opportunity to hire a deep cleaner to freshen it up.

Be sure to dust and wipe all of the forgotten areas you usually miss. Lampshades, room corners, edges of crown moldings.


kiwi self storage bedroom

Firstly, you will want to organize your drawers and wardrobe. Items of clothing will often end up in random places. Go through everything and put it back in its place. If your wardrobe is busting at the seems you may want to set up a seasonal wardrobe. Our Port-a-robes are ideal for placing your winter coats in storage. For the clothes remaining in your wardrobe you may consider investing in matching non-slip hangers. Visually seeing matching hangers throughout is almost guaranteed to sooth the soul.

Arrange your drawers so that your most frequently used items are in the top drawers, and work down accordingly.

Give your bed linen a thorough clean. Rotate your mattress, and switch to a lighter duvet. Check the label on your pillows. If they are machine washable you should give them a run through the washing machine.

The Bathroom

kiwi self storage bathroom

Firstly, clear out all the items you’d usually wash; Towels, bath mats, etc. If you have a shower curtain, now is the time to take it down and put it through the washer.

With the room cleared get stuck in to the cleaning. Take this opportunity to pour Draino down any drains that have been starting to block, or may have odors coming from them. Wipe down all surfaces, including walls and ceiling with a microfiber cloth. Tiles should be cleaned with products which are PH Neutral. Give the floor a vacuum, and finish it off with a mop with warm soapy water.

To wrap things up

While it is going to be hard work, be sure to have some fun with it. Get a good playlist going, and take a moment to break out in song, or strum the air guitar when your favourite tracks pop up. And finally, don’t forget to reward yourself at the end. Have a little treat waiting for you once everything is done. Whether it’s a simple refreshing beverage, or a date night.