Apr 12 2018

Create the perfect nursery

So, there is a new little one joining your family soon. You’ll want to make them as comfortable as possible once they arrive. Setting up their nursery comes with plenty of rewards as well as challenges. For one, where are you going to store all the stuff that’s currently in your office/bedroom/mancave.

Our self storage units in Auckland and Wellington have seen many a tale of rooms needing to be decluttered to make space for a new little one joining the family unit.

Here are some ideas we’ve picked up in our self storage journeys.

Come up with your theme first

This doesn’t need to be as extreme as saying the whole room will be an underwater oasis, but you should settle on a specific idea to help create a cohesive room. Once you’ve got something in mind, start picking out the furniture and decorations before you start picking paint colours. It’s much easier to match your paint to your textiles, than vise versa. Take a look at these layouts by mocka.co.nz, who supply baby décor and furniture along with other items across New Zealand 

In Auckland, Kmart has a few bits and pieces to get inspired by if on a tight budget.

Fix any issues

Before you get stuck in with the new decorations and furniture be sure to fix any issues with the room. Creaky floor? Time to fix it. Drafty window? Time to fix it. Sticky door? You get the idea… Your baby is going to be spending a lot of time in their new room, so be sure there is nothing that is going to disrupt or distress them.

Design a logical layout

The positioning of your cot is the most important consideration in your decorating decisions. Be sure to place it a decent distance from the nursery door, so that you don’t disturb the baby when you check in on them while sleeping.

You should also be sure to consider your comfort as well as your baby’s while making decisions. Factor in crib and bench heights, along with the placement of storage. You don’t want to be breaking your back with every move. You’ll have your baby station, but did you remember your parent station to keep your essentials handy? Think a place to store your snacks and personal hydration while keeping the baby company. Keep this basic checklist in mind when planning.

Create a focal point

The natural assumption is that this will be the crib, but this does not always have to be the case. For example, you could place the focus on a play area, or a feeding corner. Or it could be a feature wall with an inspiring design. Here are some beautiful nursery design ideas.

Come up with creative storage solutions

You can never have too much storage in a nursery. From packs of nappies to piles of toys there are plenty of items you will need close at hand. Consider under crib storage, handy wall hooks (at a safe height), baskets. If you're up for some DIY, here’s how to create your own under crib storage.

Don’t forget the ceiling

Your baby will spend most of their time staring at the ceiling. Why not make it interesting for them. Here are some inspiring ceiling designs

Think ahead

It won’t be long before the little one is out the crib and needing a bed. When making furniture purchases try to plan for your growing child’s needs. A bed will take up much more space than a crib, so make sure to allow for this in your initial setup.

Stock up for the big day

Finally, be sure you have all the supplies you need for when the big day comes. Here’s a handy Essential Checklist to get you started.