Oct 26 2018

Our top 10 tips for moving house

We know moving can be stressful, with a seemingly endless list of things to do, so here are our top 10 tips for moving house.

1. Get rid of anything that you don’t actually need

Yes, we know this sounds obvious but hoarding unused and unnecessary items is something we’re all guilty of…ask yourself, have you used it in the last six months?

2. Set aside any items that you could sell

Within reason, there's a good chance that someone might be interested in your old belongings. Whether you have time to take them to a car boot sale or selling them on TradeMe or Facebook Market Place is easier, it's worth a go!

3. Research moving companies

Like with storage companies, there are other factors at play than just price and proximity when you're entrusting your treasured belongings to strangers. It's important to get it right.

Read reviews, go and meet the staff in person and generally make sure you feel comfortable with them. 

4. Write a 'to do' list

Again, we know this sounds obvious but there are so many things to think about when you're moving house, organise it by date and check things off as you go along. 

Some examples: cancelling your subscriptions, setting up a redirect for your mail, giving notice to utility companies etc. 

5. Pack a 'Moving Day' box/bag of useful items that you'll need speedy access to on the day

Scissors, tools, bottles of water, snacks, toilet paper, hand soap, bedding, phone chargers, something to play music on etc.

Also pack an overnight bag, it's unlikely that you'll get everything unpacked on the first night so having the essentials for your first night will make everything easier. 

6. Label boxes clearly

Whether it's by colour-coding, writing on the sides, stickers or tape, this will save you a lot of time in the long run and make things easier to find. 

Load boxes from the same room together so that you can unload them all at the same time too. 

7. Pack your clothes by putting them into a bin bag while they're still on the hangers, tuck the hanging clothes into the bag, tighten around the tops of the hanger and there you go! This way you can simply hang them up and take off the bag when you get to your new home. 

 8. Protect fragile items with bubble wrap, prowrap or blankets.

Use dish towels to protect crockery, saving space! Also, pack dishes vertically rather than horizontally. 

9. Take photos of the backs of your electronic items so that it's easier to plug everything back in when you get to your new place. 

10. Clean and defrost your fridge at least a day before you move in, the last thing you want to do is unload a damp, smelly fridge and then have to clean it again before you can use it. 

At Kiwi Self Storage, we aim to make the whole storage process easy for our staff. You can buy packaging materials from all of our facilities, borrow trailers and trolleys and our staff can recommend moving companies. Give our staff a call today on 0800 58 57 56 or visit our website to make an enquiry.

Do you have any other tips? Share them here.