Double Mattress Cover

142cm x 195cm


Reusable plastic cover that suits a double size mattress or base.

It is critical to protect your mattresses, while moving or in storage, so you will be able to use the items for many years to come.

When it comes to wrapping a mattress for storage, the material you use is all-important. It’s a must that you cover your mattress with some degree of protection to avoid dust build-up and accidental damage.

You need to make sure your mattress is wrapped with a degree of breathability. Our plastic mattress covers, will provide the breathability your mattress needs. They open at one end to allow you to slide the mattress inside and should be sealed securely with packing tape for optimal protection.

Our mattress covers are exceptionally strong and durable which make them ideal to grip onto while carrying your mattress. Most plastic mattress covers available in stores will rip when you attempt to do this. Without the ability to grip the plastic of the cover, carrying your mattress becomes a very awkward task.